Meet Our Team!

Our Leadership

Brian Daccord Founder/CEO

Brian Daccord is the Goaltending Coach for the Boston University Men’s Hockey Team and the Founder of Stop It Goaltending. A former Goaltending Coach of the Boston Bruins and scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Brian always felt there was more to offer aspiring athletes than traditional training. His book “How To Be A Goalie Parent” has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide and he holds a Masters Degree in Sports Science. Brian is also an advisor for Sense Arena, a leading virtual reality app for goaltenders.

Brett Hemingway Managing Director

Brett Hemingway is the Managing Director at the Greatness Lab. Originally from Surrey, British Columbia, Brett came to New England in 2003 on a hockey scholarship to the University of New Hampshire. Drafted 225th overall in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft by the Colorado Avalanche, he played 5 years professionally in the minors throughout the US and the UK. Brett is now the Assistant Coach for the Reading High School Varsity team while coaching the U18 Northern Cyclones during the summer. 

Steven Lam Founder/CEO

Steven Lam is a visionary who’s quest is to unlock the key to personal greatness. His vast interests in neuroscience and the optimization process has led to development of the Personal Greatness Index App and the Clutch Index App. His research has resulted in the implementation of the iHATS© training program, designed to target regions of our brain networks responsible for the flight or fight response and enhance one’s ability to read the scenario correctly, react quickly, and execute properly. Steven is also the Managing Director of Leigh and Mae Venture Consulting focusing on education and life science sectors.

Bret Gilmour Founder/CWO

Bret Gilmour is a Mental Performance Consultant and the Chief Wellness Officer at Veritas who works with student athletes and other performers to enhance mental skills, increase resiliency, and help in achieving one’s personal greatness. Bret received his Master’s Degree from Boston University in Counseling with a specialization in Sport Psychology. He has been crucial in developing the Personal Greatness Index App and the Clutch Index App as well as establishing the training protocols for the Glab. Bret also worked hand in hand with Steven Lam in developing the iHATS © training program here at the G-Lab.

Dr. Janine Crifasi Chiropractic Physician and Practitioner

Dr. Janine Crifasi became a Chiropractor with an emphasis in Functional Neurology in order to better understand the many unanswered, minimized responses to complex health conditions she has seen in family and friends.This led to a more comprehensive, clinical application approach focusing on the integral brain-body connection, which then led her to the Holistic and Functional Model for health and wellness. Dr. Crifasi completed her post-doctoral studies through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies. She has successfully passed her Functional Neurology Clinical Applications portion of the Neurology Board eligible for the written section.

Additionally, she has her postdoctoral specialty training in blood chemistry, thyroid chemistry, brain chemistry, neuro-immune, and neuro-endocrine functional medicine. This knowledge of the brain-gut axis, and the mechanisms that impact on health, allows her to provide patients with easily implemented and therapeutic lifestyle medicine recommendations. Her next step was to join the team at Greatness Labs and work with peak performance athletes and be part of future research studies in Clinical Neuroscience.

Our Advisors

Dr. Greg Appelbaum of Duke University

Dr. Greg Appelbaum is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in the Duke University School of Medicine.

Professor Susan Putnam of Canisius College

Dr. Susan Putnam has been noted for achievements, leadership qualities, and the credentials and successes she has accrued at Canisius College.