Student Athlete Assessment


What is the Student Athlete Assessment?

Welcome to our Student Athlete Assessment! This assessment focuses on three main categories, you as a Student, as an Athlete, and as a Person. We will put you through a series of drills that will test your mind and body. From completing a physical combine to problem solving, this 3 part assessment will give you a clear understanding where you stack up against the competition. Do you have what it takes to #AchieveGreatness? Come and find out for yourself at the Greatness Lab!

Student Athlete Blueprint

Part 1: Saturday’s 2:00-4:00 PM

24 minute combine including Broad Jump, Vertical, Pushups, Med Ball Throws, Sit-ups, Planks, and More!

24 minute cognitive capacity training in the Greatness Lab.

Part 2: During our Open Hours

24 minutes of challenging executive function drills and stress management with our G-Lab manager Brett Hemingway.

24 minute VR concussion baseline test in the G-Lab.

Part 3: Take Home Test

24 minute take home test which analyzes your emotional control.


Receive a detailed analysis after completing your assessment!