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Student Athlete Training

Our state of the art training facility, paired with our experienced trainers, we focus on advancing our student athletes to become better at decision making, stress management, reaction time, short and long term memory, processing speed, hand-eye coordination, foot speed, and much more! The G-Lab will enhance your personal potential and help produce optimal performance while under pressure. By focusing on our student athletes mental health, education, athletics, and life, the G-Lab can help you achieve Greatness!

Student Athlete Training System

The greatest athletes of all time have the natural ability to slow the game down, quiet negativity in order to process information, and then act on that information quicker than their competitors during clutch times. The iHATS Training System consists of an eight station circuit which is designed to be completed in 45 minutes. Each station targets a specific skill set. Students are challenged to improve each session with a new set of drills introduced each session. Whether you are shooting a free throw, throwing a pitch, making a save, writing a paper, taking a test, or making a presentation… the G-Lab helps improve your DNA (Dynamic Neuro Adaptability) in order to perform at your best.

Student Athlete Training Protocol

Systematic Positivity Inspiring Narrative (SPIN) consists of three components… Your Posture, Breathing, and Self Talk. Each time you SPIN you are preparing yourself to perform under pressure. At the Greatness Lab, we strongly believe, and encourage, that our student athletes perform under pressure. We introduce distractors or “stressors” throughout each workout in order to prepare them for any situation the game, the classroom, or life throws at them. Being able to control your posture, breathing, and self talk can translate into success in whatever you choose to pursue.

G-Lab Training Aids

Reflexion Training

Reflexion is a game-changing cognitive training service designed to improve performance at school, sports, and in life. This touch-based lightboard works by training visual and cognitive skills, such as peripheral vision and reaction time, that has been proven to set you apart from the rest.

Senaptec Training

Senaptec training is a stationary screen that challenges our students’ eye-hand coordination, responsiveness, and the accurate judgment of moving objects. These timed and stress induced games will put your mind to the test while under pressure.

Neurotract Training

Neuroplasticity training promotes focus, multi-tasking, memorization, reaction time, and more! This stationary screen will put your mind and concentration to the test as you are challenged with multiple puzzle-like scenarios.

Virtual Reality Training

The Greatness Lab provides our athletes with a state of the art Virtual Reality (VR) training platform. Our environment allows students to accelerate their training regimen no matter the sport, season, or available resources while allowing for unlimited reps in the most realistic environment possible.

Reax Board Training

The Reax Board training platform provides our students with a workout that tests their body and mind. Performing standard exercises and drills on an unstable, unpredictable, and ever changing surface will challenge all of our students. With different levels of difficulty, the Reax Board can create an efficient and effective workout for any age. Come test your body and mind on the only Reax Board on the east coast!

Regeneration Center

NormaTec Recovery

NormaTec uses a dynamic compression system to massage your lower body when you need it most. The boots inflate and squeeze through a series of zones from your feet to your hips to enhance blood flow. All you have to do is set the session time and level of compression, and then press play. Each session lasts about 20 minutes; perfect amount of time to finish somee homework or to watch film!

Birthday Parties!

birthday wallpaper

Come celebrate your birthday with us at the Greatness Lab! With full access to our lab for the day, you, your friends, and your family can all enjoy the many different features we offer! Come test your skills in our virtual reality room and beat the high score in our cardio cage, all while having lunch and cake! For inquiries, please contact G-Lab manager, Brett Hemingway, at 978-944-0924 or at brett.hemingway@greatness-labs.com 

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