iHATS © Training System

The greatest athletes of all time have the natural ability to slow the game down, quite negativity in their mind in order to process information and act on that information quicker than their competitors during clutch times. The iHATS Training System consists of a circuit of eight stations and is designed to be completed in 45 minutes. Each station targets a specific skill set and athletes are challenged to improve each session and a new challenging set of drills are introduced each month. Whether you are shooting a free throw, throwing a pitch, making a save, writing a test or making a presentation… the G-Lab helps improve your DNA (Dynamic Neuro Adaptability) in order to perform at your best.

SPIN Protocol

SPIN consists of three components… Your Posture, Breathing and Self Talk. Each time you SPIN you are preparing yourself to perform under pressure. 
Systematic Positivity Inspiring Narrative (SPIN)
4 E’s of Clutch Index APP
  • Elevate – Leaderboard with the ability to request / accept challenge from members 
  • Experiment – Find your own optimal zone via different music genre, heart rate zone, breathing technique
  • Emotion – Appraisal of cognitions about events that predict emotional reactions
  • Evaluate – 4 major types of stress spider chart

The ability to recover quickly is an attribute all great performers possess. Regardless of the training, the G-Lab Regeneration Center teaches performers how to recover from muscle fatigue and soreness. The Center is equipped with tools that will speed up recovery time and improve the performer’s wellbeing. 

Regeneration Center
  • Assessment- Use equipment and expertise with the integration of third-party data for a deeper more holistic understanding of the performer.    
  • Collaborative- Collaboration with performers defined their desired treatment outcomes and goals. 
  • Advocate- Monitor progress with performers to continue to promote treatment approaches that align with the performer’s desired outcomes.

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