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What is the Greatness Lab?

A training facility once geared toward the elite athlete, the G-Lab has now developed a student athlete approach. After years of research, our studies show that we do not only help the elite athlete but can provide immense development for students ranging from middle school to college.

Our state of the art training facility, paired with our experienced trainers, we focus on advancing our students to become better at decision making, stress management, reaction time, short and long term memory, processing speed, hand-eye coordination, and much more! By focusing on our students mental health, education, athletics, and life, the G-Lab can help you achieve Greatness!

We use a proprietary SPIN and IHATs system to train student athletes to identify, process, and perform under pressure in the classroom, on the field, and in life. Our system fuses key elements of vision and neuroplasticity training to help “G-Labbers” learn how posture, breathing, and self talk can contribute to their overall success.

State of the Art Student Athlete Training

Mental Health Training

The G-Lab promotes mental health training for athletes which includes setting goals, visualization, mental imagery, positive thinking, self-talk retraining, mind control training, emotion control, and more.

Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality Training is the digital simulation of lifelike scenarios for training purposes. Using a provided headset and controllers, our athletes look and move about freely in a 3D virtual world, interacting with simulated teammates, opponents, and machinery. 

Cardio Cage

The Cardio Cage provides the ultimate in brain fitness and total body training. Cardio Cage features LED multi-color lights, matrix display with numbers, letters, and symbols and touch sensors with ability to adjust sensitivity.

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